DreiNetra: A multirole camera

DreiNetra is a camera based on Raspberrypi0 and is a product inspired by GOPRO but is based on the idea that GoPRos are not ment to be useless when you are not capturing adventures, they can be more than that a security camera or a visualiser for a classroom and more

Dreinetra is based on raspberrypi zero, it can be configured to work as a security camera, a timelapse camera or as a visualiser to show DIY stuff in a classroom It has adafruit boost 1000c inside it which boosts the 3.3v input from battery to 5v, it also enables the user-scalableto charge the battery A custom PCB is dsigned whcih has on off button, photocapture button and status LEDs. The encloser also has a standerd screw slot which enables it to be mounted on a tripod. The device can be configured using a mobile app, the raspberrypi is running a flask server which manges the configurations The camera also has hostapd deamon configured to turn the pi into a hotspot or a client as and when needed to view the captured shots or to see the live viewport

Watch timelapse on Youtube

Initial Prototype

BreadBoard Prototyping: Deepankar
Board Design,Fab coordination and Assembly: Deepankar
Software: Deepankar and Yatharth
Encloser Assembly concepts and Design: Vishal Senger and Manish Tamraker