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Basic idea is to create a retrofit solution that can be installed with minimal changes and doesnt alter the conventional interaction process


SmartX is an IOT solution that can convert a regular switch board into a smart board that can be controlled over the network using a web interface as well as using the physical buttons in the conventional manner. It is a highly scalable solution that can integrate multiple switch boards and sensors which can talk to each other through a central hub over MQTT and can automate redundant tasks based on the sensor feed.Switches and other sensor nodes use ESP8266 for communicating over wifi and SSRs for switching the load. The PCBs are designed in such a foam factor that it can be installed on a standard switch board .The Hub is built around Raspberrypi Zero and runs Homeassistant under the hood along with some other custom built services.

User Interaction

When the user turns on the Hub for the first time it automatically scans for wifi networks and tries to connect to a known network obviously on first boot it doesn’t have user’s wifi credentials hence it turns itself into a hotspot and indicates this state by a Blue colour LED indication. The user can then connect to the hotspot and enter credentials on the landing page. After that the system reboots and once the hub gets connected to the home WIFI network it indicates that by green LED indication. A similar process is followed on the smart switch board side Once all the configuration is done you are ready to control the device over the network or in a conventional manner

BreadBoard Prototyping:Deepankar
Board Design,Fab coordination and Assembly: Deepankar
Software and Firmware: Deepanakar
Encloser Assembly concepts and Design: Vishal Senger