Aug 24, 2020

Internet Access on Pocket Beagle

While using a pocket beagle you would quickly realise that you would need access to internet connection on it. But since it doesnot have a wifi chip onboard nor does it have a ethernet RJ45 port . You are need to go extra mile to get the internet working. You have with two solutions. First one is to add a physical hardware USB as shown below, attach a wifi dongle and use connman commands as in beaglewireless

This picture is originally posted by Jason Kridner and you can access the thread here. here The other method is to make the laptop to which your pocketbeagle is connected as the default gateway to route all the traffic. The posts I saw so far used some iptable commands to configure the IP tables. However as I was trying to get internet for me working , my mentor pointed me to something called nm-connection-editor, which I think is a cleaner way to configure internet. In this post I am sharing the steps.

After connecting my pocket beagle I see the following interfaces along the IP addresses when I do "ifconfig" on my ubuntu 18.04.1

  • enx985dadd7619f -
  • enx985dadd76la1 –
  • wlplso –
On runing ifconfig on my pocket I get following interfaces and corresponding IP
  • usb0 --
  • usb1 --
I am sharing these so that you can corelate with your IP address on your interfaces. After doing this run "nm-connection-editor" You should see a window like shown below.

I clicked on the + button onthe buttom left and added the wired connection 2. Here I changed the method to “shared to other computers” and added the IP address and subnet as shown below.

Then on my pocketbeagle I ran the following command to set my laptop as default gateway for pocketbeagle sbin/route add default gw
Now if you run the "route" command you should see the following output.

Finally you need to run the following command sudo dhclient usb1 This final step need to be run everytime you reebot and you would have access to internet.