Smart Coaster

A product for cubicals, sound less, smartphone free way to get reminders for adequate water intake

Smart coaster is designed to remind the user to drink water at a regular interval. It is aimed at the people working in IT domain who sit and work on their desks for hours and forget to drink water. It can be put next to your computer screen with bottel over it so that it can remind about drinking water at a preset time interval. The user can change the time by rotating a knob on the device. The device remains in low power mode but once a bottle is placed over it it comes to life and start counting time. It can generate several color patterns using the TLC5940 PWM LED driver which is a key component of this system. The main controllers which control these daisy chanied TLC5940 is Atmega328P and works with a 3.3V lithum ion battery. The battery can be charged by plugging in a microUSB cable

Version 1.0

BreadBoard Prototyping: Deepankar
Board Design and TurnKey Fab coordination: Deepankar
Firmware: Deepankar
Encloser Assembly concpets and Design: Vishal Senger and Manish Tamraker